Bulgaria to host an open-air taekwondo tournament

The Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation will be hosting an open-air tournament with the goal of organising safe competition amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The event i scheuled to take place on September 26 in Sofia at the National Stadium “Vasil Levski”. The competition is named after Dr. Valerii Naydenov – who is considered the pioneer of taekwondo in Bulgaria.

Both sparring and poomsae are due to take place, as well as technical breaking (Hanmadang).

The competition is open for athletes from all ages and levels. The fighters and the public will be invited to break boards which will be engraved with an image of the COVID-19 virus.

“In this way, BTF will provide an opportunity for all medal-craving competitors, as well as their supporters,” the BTF said

“The coronavirus pandemic has done massive damage to all of us committed to taekwondo, but the martial arts philosophy teaches us how to overcome obstacles and not to stop when we see them.”

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