Bulgaria’s karate returns with a youth tournament

Nearly 200 youngsters participated in the tournament “Kids Karate League” in Sofia, Bulgaria, this past Saturday as the sport of Karate aims at resuming its activities all over the world.

While the world continues enduring the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and most of the dojos are still closed or with limited functionalities, karatekas are hoping to return to the usual activities and the regular practice of their favorite sport.

In one of the first Karate events celebrated after the outbreak of COVID-19, Bulgarian youngsters met in Sofia to demonstrate their passion for the discipline and to show their expectations for a new beginning.

Organized by the Bulgarian “Karate Club Tsanev”, the Kids Karate League gathered promising karatekas from ages 6 to 14 in a successful tournament. Nearly 200 youngsters from 11 of the biggest clubs in the country participated in the event. The future stars of the sport were divided into 26 categories including Kata, Kumite, and Makiwara, with awards being distributed to the best performances.

Photo and Source: www.wkf.net

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