Roberto Duran recovering well

Hall of Famer and one of the very greats in boxing – Roberto Duran is recovering well after testing positive for coronavirus.

The 69-year-old legend has recovered from the virus to the point he’s feeling better and wants to be discharged from the hospital.

“My dad feels great, in fact, he already wants to go home,” Robin Durán told a Panamanian television channel. “He has almost no symptoms and no fever.”

“Hands of Stone” was put in a hospital this past week with cold symptoms and subsequent examinations determined he had the COVID-19 infection.

Robin Durán said that his father will have to stay a few more days at the hospital due to precaution due to his age and the history of one of his lungs that was injured during a car accident in Argentina 19 years ago.

“The doctors told us that his evolution has been very good and that he has been attacking the disease before it reaches the point of complications,” he added to TVN Noticias.


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