Cain Velasquez picks between UFC and lucha libre

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez stunned everyone with his performance in his lucha libre debut on the 3rd of August.

Professional wrestling isn’t the same as actual fighting, but it is a highly skilled, physically grueling profession, and it usually takes years for a novice to master.

Velasquez, who is in Mexico as a guest fighter during “UFC on ESPN+ 17” fight week.

“I think it’s definitely too early to tell right now,” Velasquez told MMA Junkie. “For me, I’m just kind of focused on the task at hand and right now that’s the wrestling and that’s for October. I just want to put on a good show for October. And then I’ll see what happens after that, if I want to keep doing some more wrestling, get a fight, my options options are open.”

For now the former champ is simply enjoying learning the art form of lucha libre, which is Mexico’s version of sports entertainment.

“I’m enjoying it a lot. From the practicing, I’m learning new things, it’s making my mind work, it’s pretty fun. And doing the matches as well, it’s all lighthearted throughout the whole match, being able to talk with crowd and interact with the crowd in between is something I haven’t done with MMA and I still get to do some of same moves that we do in MMA, so that’s pretty cool as well. So I’m digging it, yeah.”

As for who Velasquez might want to meet in the wrestling ring, former UFC foe Brock Lesnar is one.

“I would consider wrestling Brock, yes,” Velasquez said. “But I think the match in my mind that I would pick out against anybody would be The Rock. I want to wrestle The Rock.”

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