Nate Diaz blasts “BMF” belt critics

Nate Diaz has a message for the haters. Again.

Speaking to TMZ Sports the MMA fighter challenged anybody who disagrees with him being the “BMF” and said those who are criticizing the title have never stepped in the cage before.

“If there’s anybody that’s hatin’ on it, like some of these journalists in here, it’s because none of you are no fighters,” Diaz said. “You’re (expletives), so shut the (expletive) up. Tell me I ain’t the best mother (expletive) in the game – watch me fight the whole game and you.”

Diaz (20-11 MMA, 15-9 UFC) headlines UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden in New York on Nov. 2 vs. Jorge Masvidal (34-13 MMA, 11-6 UFC).

“It’s already a staple, and that we’re fighting for the best mother (expletive) in the fight game. There’s a belt for it. I called it against one of the other baddest mother (expletive)’s and everyone felt it, and we’re like, ‘This is what it is. These are the best guys in the game. We’re going to watch it.’”

Diaz respectfully called out Masvidal, following his unanimous decision win over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241.

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