Canada judokas return to training while living in bubble

Canadian judo has resumed with the return of Canadian judokas to training amid the coronavirus pandemic. The athletes will have to avoid contact with the public because of security measures.

A three-week camp involving nine athletes is underway in Lethbridge in Alberta, with the group living in a “bubble” at a nearby hotel. All nine judokas will be aiming to participate in the postponed Olympic 2021 Games.

The 9 judokas, management personnel, and the coaching staff are the only ones that are being allowed to the training facility.

“It is a concept designed to minimize risks and ensure everyone’s safety,” said Nicolas Gill, the chief executive and high-performance director at Judo Canada.

“They will train, eat, and live together exclusively.”

Judo Canada said they were under pressure to resume training with other countries now operating with fewer restrictions.


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