Canada whitdraws from the World Wrestling Junior Championships

Wrestling Canada Lutte, the Canadian Wrestling Federation, is the first country to officially withdraw from the upcoming Junior World Championships.

The decision was made with the safety of athletes, coaches, and team staff as the top priority. Given the uncertainty of the Canadian travel advisories, the ability for athletes to adequately train in preparation for the event, and the risk of furthering the spread of COVID-19, Canada will not send a team to the event.

The Junior World Championships are scheduled for December 4 to 10 in Belgrade, Serbia.

WCL will be making a decision regarding its attendance at the Senior World Championships, also taking place in Belgrade from December 12 to 20, in the coming weeks. WCL has communicated our questions and concerns to United World Wrestling in relation to the Senior World Championships and is awaiting further information.

Last week, WCL postponed all sanctioned events until 2021.


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