Canelo Alvarez retires 36 or 37-Years-Old

The Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez has a rough idea as to what age he should retire. He is regarded by many as the current face of boxing with four championships captured in four weight divisions.

“I always have discipline, work ethic, and dedication. The only thing that has changed are my successes, I train every day as if I was a rookie,” said Canelo for Box Azteca.

“Boxing is my life. My body asks me to fight. I keep training because I love boxing, I train whether I have a fight or not … 36-years-old… for me that’s a good time to retire, 37-years-old at the max,” revealed Canelo, who turns 30 in July.

And what will the four division champion do after hanging up his gloves?

“I’ll dedicate myself to my business and playing golf every day.”

Canelo indicates that he does not have the slightest idea about who he will face as soon as the coronavirus pandemic ends.

“To win a dollar they want to win 10. Instead of seeking glory, they are looking for money. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but don’t exaggerate your worth,” said Canelo.

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