Canelo will take a significant pay-cut for next fight

Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomes has revealed that the Mexican superstar Saul Alvarez will have to take a serious pay-cut in his next fight that is being scheduled for September 12.

The opponent and the venue for his next bout are yet to be determined, but according to close sources, the 4-division champion won’t be facing a high-profile name because the money is just not there now.

Alvarez could be facing Britain’s John Ryder or Callum Smith, but everything is in the air right now.

“We are not living in the world that we lived in last year,” said Eric Gomez. “Canelo will be taking a significant pay-cut.

“Anybody willing to come to the table and be reasonable, he will fight. We are not discarding any of the top guys.”

“He hasn’t agreed to anything, but obviously because there’s not going to be a gate, automatically, he’s going to make less. He gets part of the gate, the sponsors are not around, also. A lot of the sponsors don’t want to do anything right now.

“So if he fights, because there’s no gate he’s going to make less. That’s if he fights if he decides to fight. But he hasn’t decided, yet,” Gomez added.

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