Manuel Ribamar and Johnatha Alves to headline Fight 2 Win 147

Two of the best middleweights will collide in F2w 147 main event this July 17 in Austin, US.

Manuel Ribamar and Johnatha Alves will be squaring off in the main event of the night with Fight 2 Win middleweight title on the line.

Ribamar is a three-time Austin Open winner throughout his black belt career in addition to a No-Gi World Championship title last year. He’ll be hoping to build on his big win at Euros earlier this year by winning the title match next week, but victory won’t come easily.

Alves has just earned his black belt a little over a year ago. In 2019 he captured gold at the Fresno Open, defeating people like Jamil Hill-Taylor and Marcio Andre.


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