Chris Eubank Jr: Gennadiy Golovkin is ready for the taking

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Chris Eubank Jr. talks about what fights he’s currently targeting and why he still believes he has a chance to face Gennadiy Golovkin in a notable fight. Check out what he had to say below…

Eubank on potential fights available for him at 160lbs:

“160 is a different thing. 160 is Golovkin, Canelo — those are mega fights. Those are the fights that I actually actively want. Those are the names that I actively want because they’re such huge names, such huge fights, for such huge exposure. So those two guys, I would love to fight them. And that can be a real possibility over the next year, year-and-a-half. So we’ll see what Al [Haymon] can come up with.

On if he thinks Golovkin is showing signs of slippage:

“Listen, everybody ages but then you look at somebody like Manny Pacquiao who just did what he did against Thurman and it’s like ‘well, maybe age doesn’t mean so much.’ It’s about how you live your life. I don’t know Golovkin but I believe, I would imagine that he lives the life so he would be able to carry on and be effective for a couple more years. He’s always gonna be dangerous but I believe he’s there to be taken. I would love that fight because I was supposed to fight him a couple years ago. The fight was like this close to being made but then Eddie Hearn gave the fight to Kell Brook.

“Kell Brook’s a yes-man. I’m not a yes-man. There were things in the contract that were just, you know, I’m not gonna sell my soul for a fight. So the teams were smoothing out the contract and we were this close and then Kell Brook comes along, ‘Whatever you want, sir. Gimme the fight.’ And then he said ‘well this is the easy option, I’m just gonna give the fight to you.’

“So it always gets me that I missed out on that opportunity, but the opportunity’s still there. He’s still fighting so that fight can definitely still be made and I would love the opportunity to share a ring with him.”

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