Chris Eubank Jr: Roy Jones is exactly what I need to take me to the next level

t’s been well documented that Chris Eubank Jr. has mostly gone it alone in terms of his training. Sure, his father and others have taught him plenty along the way, but for the most part Eubank Jr. has been intent on doing things his own way. But as of late Eubank Jr. has been spotted working with all-time great Roy Jones Jr, who has been imparting some of his wisdom onto the British fighter.

“Who could tell me better than my father? Being taught by my father for so long, it was hard to entrust that to just anybody,” Eubank Jr tells Sky Sports. “Which is why I didn’t have a full-time trainer for so many years. But Roy is exactly what I need to take me to the next level.”

To get Jones Jr. to come into the fold it took a phone call from Chris Eubank Sr., who was once a star in British boxing a couple decades ago. He says Jones is a great fit for his son because they possess some of the same traits.

“Junior has speed. Roy had speed. There is the synergy. When someone has speed they throw four punches to your one, you cannot beat them. If Junior picks up five per cent from Roy, that is enough to see him through to achieve all the things that he wants. Five per cent is enough to make him blossom and fly.”

But while this all sounds very good, whether or not this new alliance is built to last is a serious question. At age 30 Eubank is no longer a ‘young fighter’, and his last trainer didn’t get re-hired even after Eubank beat James DeGale in what was probably a career-best win.

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