Cormier discusses how much Jon Jones should be paid for heavyweight move

Daniel Cormier has given his thoughts on how much he believes Jon Jones should be compensated for a move up to heavyweight.

Cormier and Jones have had their fair share of spats over the years, but in the Octagon, Jones has been able to overcome “DC” with one decision win and one KO victory that was changed to a no contest due to a failed drug test.

In terms of Jones’ potential move to heavyweight, though, Cormier was able to give a structured view on what his rival could stand to gain.

“I remember a time when Jon Jones and I were gonna fight and he was like ‘I got 10 million dollars!’, that’s what he kept saying,” Cormier said. “If you have 10 million dollars, and you get half of that in one fight, I think that’s good, if you made five million plus pay per view.”

After claiming that he didn’t get more for going up to heavyweight before jokingly correcting himself, Cormier issued a request to Jones.

“Let’s say Jon Jones’ base pay is three million dollars, or say his base pay is five million dollars, then give him seven million dollars – that’s two million dollars [extra]! But like, what was the number? When you’re talking transparency, tell the number. If you’re being transparent, tell us the number that you threw out there.”

The topic of Jones at heavyweight is a hot topic of late, as the light heavyweight champ was briefly linked to a fight with heavyweight knockout artist Francis Ngannou. Unfortunately, both Jones and Ngannou divulged the UFC wouldn’t pay them what they wanted for this heavyweight super fight—hence this comment from Cormier.


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