Cosmo Alexandre to sign new deal with ONE Championship

ONE FC superstar Cosmo Alexandre will be signing a new deal with the Asian organization, the Brazilian himself announced on SCMP MMA’s Post Fight Podcast.

The vet expressed his anger a couple of weeks ago when he said that ONE Championship doesn’t want to negotiate his money, but at the same time they don’t wanna let him go somewhere else.

“Last Saturday I talked to Chatri, I had a meeting with him, it was kind of a good talk,” Alexandre said. “I see the problem is the company is growing fast and it’s really big now, it’s huge. So sometimes it’s hard to talk straight to him, so he tried to fix my situation.

“Of course, it’s about money, about my purse, and we got a deal now, but I’m just waiting to sign the contract. I’m waiting for them to send it to me. I was one year without a fight because I didn’t want to fight for the same purse, my contract wasn’t good. We are trying to fix that.”

The South American fighter said that after his last fight against Sage Northcutt he tried to get a better deal with the company, but it turned out they weren’t willing to go that route.

“I fought Sage and I won, and of course I tried to get a new deal,” he said. “They [ONE] didn’t want to do a new deal.”

“What happened with my last fight against Nieky was bad, and now I just beat Sage, so I needed a manager, I needed to start making some money,” he said. “I showed him [Kawa] my contract and said I need help. I still want to fight at a high level but not for four or five years. I wanna make my money now and relax a little bit with my family.”

Alexandre (8-1) said he was then offered the chance to fight former UFC star Yushin Okami (36-14) at ONE: Century in Tokyo last October, but “we started fighting from there”. Okami fought on the card and beat former ONE welterweight title contender Agilan Thani (11-4).

“I told them that didn’t make sense,” Alexandre said. “Okami was coming from three losses, he would make his last fight in Tokyo and then retire, so it’s not good for me. I knew if I didn’t put him down, I would lose the fight. That’s the truth. If at least they pay me better, of course, I would fight.”

An olive branch was extended by Chatri in April, but things turned sour again, and that’s when Alexandre turned to Twitter to make his voice heard.

“When I talked to Chatri two months ago, he said he didn’t know about that, the history. He said, ‘Sorry Cosmo, I feel so bad. You need to understand I have more than 100 fighters and I can’t follow closely what happens with every single fighter’. We talked for hours, and then when we hung up the phone.

“I was like, ‘OK, he will fix the situation’ but he didn’t, so after almost two months I started talking on the internet to see what would happen. And last Saturday Chatri called me with my manager and Matt Hume and we talked long, it’s not easy, you know how it works. But in the end, everything was good and now I’m just waiting for the contract.”


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