ESPN Weigh-In results: Moloney – Franco (VIDEO)

Tonight Top Rank boxing is hosting its fourth consecutive fight night in Las Vegas since the coronavirus lockdown.

The action returns in Nevada since the last show was in Mexico City. Just some hours ago the official weigh-in was done and all the fighters managed to make weight.

Andrew Moloney 51.9 kg vs. Joshua Franco 52.1 kg
(WBA Super Flyweight World Title — 12 Rounds)

Christopher Diaz 56.6 kg vs. Jason Sanchez 57.1 kg
(Featherweight — 10 Rounds)

Joseph Adorno 61.6 kg vs. Alexis del Bosque 60.8 kg
(Lightweight — 8 Rounds)

Rolando Vargas 62.1 kg vs. Miguel Contreras 62.3 kg
(Junior Welterweight — 6 Rounds)

Helaman Olguin 131.5 kg vs. Adam Stewart 105.2 kg
(Heavyweight — 6 Rounds)

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