Curtis Blaydes wants Stipe Miocic to defeat Daniel Cormier again

Curtis Blaydes thinks the best thing to happen for UFC heavyweight division is Stipe Miocic to emerge from his expected trilogy bout against Daniel Cormier with his status as champion in tact.

“If DC wins it again, he’s gonna milk it,” Blaydes told MMA Junkie. “He might still retire, but he’s not going to do it immediately. He don’t want to immediately leave the spotlight. You don’t just drop it and drift off in the sunset. (If) he wins that belt again, he’s going to do the whole tour. I think it would be worse.”

“DC’s got the greatest chance to be beat him. He’s done it once before, and he can do it again, but if you’re asking me would I prefer to keep the division moving more fluid? I think that Stipe is a lot more open to just being active.”

Image: БТА

“If DC wins it, maybe he starts to hold the Jon Jones thing again,” Blaydes said. “Like, ‘Oh, bump up to heavyweight.’ Then him and Jon are going back. I don’t want to be sitting just waiting for those, because that’s what I’ll do. And I get it: It’s his belt. If he gets it he can do what he wants with it, but it doesn’t help me. I’m in the prime of my career. I need to keep stuff moving.”

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