Dana White: Let’s not count Cowboy out

Conor McGregor has been making big headlines again. “The Notorious” unveils his plans for a busy 2020 of fights, but we haven’t read a lot of articles about what’s next for “Cowboy”.

UFC president Dana White talks about the disrespect:

“We’re getting through this one first, we’re getting through the Cowboy fight,” he said when asked about McGregor’s next opponent. “And the level of disrespect shown to Cowboy through this whole thing? Apparently people forgot that Cowboy’s lost two in a row before and come back and gone on unbelievable runs. Let’s not count Cowboy out.”

Donald Cerrone holds the record for the most wins in UFC history (23), the most finishes in UFC history (16), the most post-fight bonuses in UFC history (18) and the most knockdowns in UFC history (20).

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