Terence Crawford: Spence is going to cry after I KO him

Terence Crawford took to social media on Sunday proming that the day will come that he’ll knockout IBF and WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. and leave him in tears in his car afterwards.

“Keep defending him because I’m tell all y’all now and I mean what I say, when that day comes when I knock him out, all I want all you all to keep that same energy because he is going to cry in the car,” said Crawford on his Twitter about Spence. “He wasn’t built for this s*** I got over here just watch me show the world.”

Then the boxer posted another message.

“And stop using the f****** promoters, managers and advisors for that weak a** excuse you’re all doing. They work for us. You’re all dumb mf. If you really want a fight, you tell them. I don’t give two f****.  That’s who I want to fight. Let your n*** drop.  You say you your own boss Errol Spence Jr,” said Crawford.

Image: БТА

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