Daniel Iliev is ready for his EFM Show debut

Daniel Iliev and Damian Ostep are ready to step in the arena of EFM SHOW on April 9th!

In Bulgaria, the EFM SHOW fight nights (www.efmshow.com) are represented by the sports management company New Gen Management.

Daniel Iliev and Damian Ostep are the next fighters to face each other in the octagon on April 9th. This bout promises to be one of the fan favorites.

Daniel Iliev (5-3-1) – Damian Ostep (2-3-0)

The fight will be held under the K-1 rules.

Iliev is a kickboxer who has experience in “knocking out Polish fighters”. During KGP 24 (Kickboxing Grand Prix), Grzegorz Marco quickly said goodbye to his dreams of victory. Then Iliev showed that he has dynamite not only in his legs but also in his gloves and in less than a minute the match ended with a knockout. The only thing that is certain when Danny is in the arena is that the battle will be spectacular.

Daniel Iliev is one of the most successful and spectacular fighters in Bulgaria. His training goes through one of the best fightaacademies in the world, where the great Badr Hari also trains.

His opponent will be the Pole Damian Ostep, whose last match was at EFM 3 in June 2020 and ended in a loss. He says he has learned a lesson, feels prepared and motivated, and is ready to prove himself in the octagon again. Pursuit of the goal at all costs – the motto of his life is.

He wants to inspire young people through sport. And who inspires he the most?

“Your four-year-old daughter, who will keep her fingers crossed for her father’s victory.”

The bout will be streamed live HERE!

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