Darren Till calls out ex-champ Robert Whittaker

Darren Till established himself as one of the best middleweights in the UFC after beating onetime interim title challenger Kelvin Gastelum in his 185-pound debut. Now he’s setting his sights even higher.

Till is targeting former champion Robert Whittaker as his ideal opponent at middleweight, and he’s not been shy about calling him out on social media.

“I’m ready to fight now to be honest,” Till said. “F*ck injuries, f*ck time off, f*ck it all. When are you ready Robert Whittaker? Need to know basis.”

Whittaker had previously indicated he wanted to book his next fight sooner rather than later after a second-round knockout against Israel Adesanya cost him the UFC middleweight title.

The former champ took a small break afterwards, but then quickly decided to get back in action, hoping to climb back into the title race as soon as possible.

Till is more than willing to offer him that challenge, and he’s doing everything possible to make sure he has Whittaker’s attention.

Then again, the U.K. star doesn’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. After calling out Yoel Romero, he quickly backtracked and turned his bravado into a joke when the perennial contender gave the thumbs up.

Till is still willing to laugh at the whole situation, so when a fan mentioned Romero’s name, he had the perfect response.


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