Dave Allen withdraws from October 19 bout

British heavyweight Dave Allen (17-5-2) who’s coming off of a tough loss to his fellow countryman David Price two months ago, won’t be fighting on October 19, as he was supposed to fight on the undercard of Lewis Ritson and Robbie Davies Jr.

The 27-year-old Allen took it to Instagram, stating that his shaken mental health is the main reason he won’t be doing what he does best.


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Hi everyone, I will not be fighting October 19th, my frame of mind is not one I believe I can put together any kind of training camp for this fight and ultimately physically I am not feeling ready to compete October 19th and at the moment even beyond that but I will cross that bridge when it comes to it, I made and make comments all the time that people will questionand furthermore blow up to create headlines or drama but for me there just how I feel and the norm, I will be taking some time off social media and spending time back in the real world as I feel this is something I have needed to do for a long time, I don’t have the want or the need for anyone’s sympathy hatred or anything in between, I will be back I always am but I’m going to be David for a while the white rhino is tired x

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The statement reads that “White Rhino” will be taking some time off from professional boxing. 2019 kicked off in a brilliant way for the Brit – he defeated Lucas Browne in April, but then a one-sided loss to David Price had him going to the hospital with pretty serious health concerns for the fighter.

There is still no information if somebody will replace Allen on the card.

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