David Price vs. Tyson Fury 2006 (VIDEO)

The professional careers of Britain’s David Price and Tyson Fury may have gone in totally different directions, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a time when the Scouser was the better of the two.

When they were both on the rise 14-15 years ago, many experts were rating Price ahead of Fury and there was a reason for this. The Liverpudlian had all the tools to transform from one of the best amateurs to one of the best pros.

Fury was also one of the top prospects of the country, as both guys were nearly 200 cm tall and could mix it up with anyone.

A rare video of a 2006 final between the pair has emerged in recent days. Up to this date, that’s the only time those two ever shared a ring. Even though there wasn’t any video proof up to this point, “The Gypsy King” himself said in his autobiography that’s the one loss he knows he was outclassed.

“I knew I was coming to the end of my amateur days.

“I would eventually have 31 wins from 35 bouts and I would say that only one of those defeats was genuine – when I lost to my fellow British boxer David Price in the north-west final of the ABA seniors competition in Manchester in 2006.

“I had Price on the canvas in the second round with a good shot, but he clearly outpointed me.

“His experience was the decisive factor.”

Two years later, Price was part of GB Team in the 2008 Olympic Games when he captured bronze.

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