Day 2 starts with two losses for Bulgaria

The second day of the international ‘Strandja Memorial Tournament’ in Bulgaria kicked off with two defeats for the home team.

Martina Marinova (51 kg) lost her first fight to the Italian Camilla Fadda via SD. All the judges, except the Romanian one (29-28), gave the victory to Fadda (27-30, 26-30, 27-30, 27-30).

Aslahan Mehmedova (56 kg) also lost her first bout of the tournament. The Bulgarian failed to capitalize on what was a great start against Neeraj from India. Once again, just one of the judges gave the win to Mehmedova (29:28), while the other 4 had it 30:27, 29:27, 30:27, 29:27 in favor of Neeraj.


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