Demetrious Johnson: I don’t even think about Cejudo

Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo are old “friends” on the top of UFC flyweight division. The two met in a rematch last August at UFC 227, a bout that Cejudo won by split decision to end Johnson’s historic championship reign.

Asked what he thought about his former rival’s antics, Johnson turned the question around.

“He’s doing exactly what you want him to do,” Johnson told MMA Fighting. “You’re talking about it right now. There you go, you just answered it yourself.”

“That’s how I see it. You brought it up, I don’t even think about it. You probably think about it more than I do.”

“I did an interview yesterday and they were like – “Somebody said Kyoji Horiguchi could beat you.” I was like, I don’t really care what he said,” Johnson said. “People always talk about that they can beat this person in the past that they lost to. I never go back saying, ‘I wish I could get that fight back against Dominick Cruz, I wish I could get that fight back with Brad Pickett, I wish I could get that fight…”

“Losses happen. When people try to bring up the past and like – “It would be so cool to fight this guy.” For me, I truly don’t care, I just want to keep on fighting, get through this tournament, win and then get a shot at the ONE Championship belt against Adriano and then win that and then see what’s next.”

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