Paul Felder: I have nothing but respect for Edson

Paul Felder and Edson Barboza went in a full bloody war mode this past weekend at UFC 242. In the end “The Irish Dragon” walked away with a split decision victory.

Earlier this week, Barboza questioned his loss to Felder and his management team went as far as filing an appeal with the UFC.

Barboza obviously believes he should have earned the victory.

“As for my fight and what seems to have turned into a controversial decision among fans. It was a war. A close fight between two skilled people that wanted to finish each other,” Felder wrote on Instagram. “I have nothing but respect for Edson. We both go out and put on fights to entertain the fans. With that said, I will say this, I walked him down the entire fight, I threw at him the entire fight, I never stalled the entire fight, if he landed, I landed — the entire fight.”

“When he took me down, he took the damage — the entire fight. I never gassed or slowed my pace the entire fight. I got cut due to a head butt, Edson got cut due to strikes. Both of us put our bodies through so much during that fight that whoever came out with the loss would understandably be upset but the numbers don’t lie.”

“If we need to run it back I would be happy to, but this trilogy needs to be five rounds because someone was about to break and that someone was not me,” Felder wrote. “If the fans and Edson need a clear ending to this then it’s main event or bust.”

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