Deontay Wilder met with Pope Francis

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman and WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder met with Pope Francis during a private ceremony at Vatican City.

Wilder was named the Boxers’ Representative and Ambassador for Peace through Sport by Pope Francis during a private ceremony. That happened at Scholas Occurentes headquarters.

Sulaiman was more than happy to make the introduction between the Pope and the heavyweight champ.

“When we were in Rome introducing Deontay Wilder to the Pope, I said: “This is the true heavyweight world champion” and with a big smile he received Deontay, and appointed him Ambassador of Peace through Boxing,” Sulaiman stated.

“Wilder is a great human being. He started in boxing to be able to fulfill and meet the enormous medical expenses following the birth of his daughter Naieya, who has a medical condition called spina bifida. Since then Deontay has totally focused, in order to provide for his family, and everything he has been doing, is motivated by the love of a parent.”

“Outside the ring Deontay is a kind, caring and great man. In Rome, he visited the children’s hospital, where there were wonderful, precious and memorable moments of happiness, enthusiasm and hope for  many children, who daily tenaciously fight for life. Deontay also took some so special time  to embrace and give strength to the parents of the patients, who strive, inspired and motivated by love,  just as he`s fought for years with the greatest motivation of his eldest daughter….pure love.”

Wilder returns to the ring on February 22nd, when he defends his title against Tyson Fury in a rematch.


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