Dillian Whyte: Deontay Wilder has completely lost his mind, Derek Chisora is an idiot

Dillian Whyte is just over two weeks away from a big rematch with Alexander Povetkin in Gibraltar — knock on wood, since it’s been delayed several times already — and gave some thoughts on that plus other happenings and people in the heavyweight division in a conversation with iFL TV.

On the delays for the Povetkin rematch

“It’s giving me a chance to put the wrong right, so it’s a very important fight. I wanted to wait for it, I didn’t want to fight no one else. I don’t like having unfinished business.”

On the planned Chisora vs Parker fight

“That fight’s sort of lost its momentum, hasn’t it? It’s a bit weird. Parker left Kevin Barry, had that fight with Junior Fa, Chisora lost to Usyk. I think it lost a bit of momentum and a bit of interest, but who knows, man? It’s a decent heavyweight fight, I guess. But when it was originally made, it was a very intriguing fight, but now it’s, like, hmm.”

“I saw Derek’s lying about his age, as well. That guy’s gotta be well over 40 by now. They say he’s 36, Derek ain’t 36. There’s no way Derek’s 36.”

[On Chisora trying to phone Parker late at night in New Zealand] “Derek’s a fucking idiot. The guy doesn’t understand anything. He’s so dumb, he doesn’t understand anything. The guy lives in New Zealand, there’s a time difference, HELLO? At least check the time difference before you say, ‘Oh, he’s hiding from me, he’s a chicken.’ Derek’s an idiot, man. He’s an idiot. I’m alright with him sometimes, but he’s a dickhead most of the time anyway. He’s a proper prick sometimes. I don’t know if he’s just a bit of an idiot or he’s just a bit mad or he’s just a bit stupid or he’s just fake, I don’t know.”

On a possible Deontay Wilder vs Andy Ruiz Jr fight

“I think Ruiz would beat Wilder, to be honest. … Wilder can’t really box, and Wilder’s lost his mind, man. The guy’s lost his mind, man! I don’t think he’ll ever box again. His mind is completely gone. Gone, gone, gone, gone. If you follow his stories and the pictures he posts and the things he’s been doing and saying, the guy’s lost his mind.


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“People lose and they do crazy stuff. Why’s the guy posting a picture, wine, glass, candles, and a random gun on the table? With his shirt off, looking like he’s stoned out of his mind. I was thinking, ‘Oof, hopefully he doesn’t blown his own brains out, man.’ … The guy clearly is drunk or he’s high or whatever he’s doing there. It’s mad. I know he’s allowed to have guns and he shoots a lot of guns, but it’s weird.”

“Maybe he’s just showing people, ‘Don’t worry about me, I’m living life.’”

“People go so long undefeated, knocking everyone out, when they lose sometimes they just can’t recover, man. They can’t come back. They just can’t find a way back because they’ve been in the bubble their whole career and protected their whole career. The first time they fight someone decent and lose, they can’t do it. I know he should’ve come back and fought since then, shouldn’t he? He should have fought again.”

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