Dimitar Penchev edges Petar Stoykov in classic SENSHI 8 clash

Dimitar Penchev won the All-Bulgarian fight at SENSHI 8. The main event of the night didn’t disappoint the fight fans who witnessed one of the best SENSHI fights ever.

Penchev defeated Petar Stoykov after the full three rounds were played out. The fight was conducted under the KWU Full Contact rules in the -70 kg category.

The event was held at Hotel “Marinela” in Sofia, Bulgaria, on May 22.

Penchev and Stoykov engaged in exchanges right from the beginning, with the shot landing from everywhere. It was obvious that the defence will be the key component in this fight.

Stoykov was pushing hard and his high kick attempts were on point. But Penchev wasn’t backing down, as he was trying to take the center of the ring and to counter with his boxing skills.

Stoykov tried his trademark spinning back elbow, but it was no good against such a talented fighter like Penchev. The fighters were happy to fight on the inside which produced a lot of clinches. The pace of the fight was tremendous and neither one of them wanted to fight on his back foot.

Astonishing high kick rocked Stoykov at the end of the third round, as he kept his calm and managed to continue. In the end, the judges called in favor of Penchev who got the W vi decision.

SENSHI 8 is being conducted with the assistance of the KWU International Professional League, chaired by Shihan Ivo Kamenov, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance JSC, MAX Sport, Bulgaria AIR and BMW-M car.

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