Don Madge dreams of being “South Africa’s McGregor”

Don Madge is the newest and brightest star of South Africa’s MMA and he has big plans for himself.
Recently he defeated Te Edwards – a prospect from Dana White’s Contender series, making a name for himself.
“MMA in South Africa, it’s still young but we’ve got our own organization—the EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship)—which is where I came up. I was a two-time champion before I got signed to the UFC. It’s growing. We’ve got a lot of talented fighters. We’ve got a lot of guys coming down from central Africa to join our and train with my coach, Richie Quan”. Madge’s goal is to make his homeland notable in the MMA world, like Conor McGregor did for Ireland. “That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I don’t know who else had a debut like mine. Maybe Anderson Silva? I’ve never seen someone have a UFC debut, go out there and starch someone who was highly touted, I was a +500 underdog. I’m here to prove a point. I’m here to show everyone there’s a young lion coming up the rankings and I’m going to show that I’m a true South African. I live and I breathe everything in Africa. I’m coming out and I’m doing everything to get that title.”

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