Fury demands payment to abandon Wilder rematch

Tyson Fury has once again demonstrated the speed of his tongue, which is sometimes faster than his fists.

The Gypsy King said he fully understands why Deontay Wilder is unsure of their rematch in 2020 – because he is afraid, and demands to be payed if the Bronze Bomber wants to skip the fight they have already signed for.

“Deontay ‘Bronze Bollocks’ Wilder is a dosser and he knows he is. I see all that stuff about how he wants me to step aside. Step aside to what? He’s terrified of the Gypsy King. He couldn’t beat the Gypsy King when I had three years out of the ring on alcohol and drugs. How the f— is he going to beat the Gypsy King now that I’ve been training for two years. Come on! [Stepping aside] depends how much they want to pay me because I ain’t stepping aside. That’s not quite how it works and it’s very costly work” Fury told CBS Sports on Thursday.

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