Donald Cerrone drops huge hint regarding the McGregor fight

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone (35-11-1) continues to tease the UFC fans by posting some interesting photo on his Instagram.

An eventual bout between the American and Conor McGregor (21-4) is something both guys virtually agreed on and now it seems the fight is just week or two away of being announced and Cerrone’s post is suggesting that the fight is scheduled for  UFC 239 on July 6.

Conor’s suspension will expire in April and he will be completely eligible to step in the Octagon with one of the most finesse welterweights to ever do it.

Cerrone has spent the last couple of months calling out the Irish, who seemed to like the idea of squaring up with the 35-year-old American.

There is still positively nothing official from UFC headquarters about the massive “4th of July weekend”, but there is no doubt, as the tradition dictates, something big always lands on that fight night.

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