Doping confessor Hereida joins Pulev’s camp

One of the professional sport’s top fitness and conditioning trainers Angel “Memo” Heredia has officially joined boxer Kubrat Pulev’s camp.

The Bulgarian will face Rydell Booker on November 9th in Fresno, California and the Mexican coach has begun working on his form for the bout. Heredia said that he and Pulev were close to working together back in 2018, but things fell apart. “I had several meetings with him before and we were going to do camp in Germany when he fought Tyson Fury’s brother (Hughie) but the logistics didn’t work out but we were able to get it worked out for this fight. His manager Ivaylo (Gotzev) and I had a meeting right before (Yordenis) Ugas’ last fight in July and he said it was time to get the ball rolling because he is the mandatory for the winner of the Joshua-Ruiz fight.  They are obviously fighting a rematch in December and he is supposed to fight the winner by May so he needs to stay busy so that is why he is fighting in November so that he is ready for whoever wins”, Heredia told

Heredia has already begun his work with Pulev and is impressed by him. “I have been basically working on his conditioning. He is a very strong guy. He works very hard. He not only needs to maintain his explosiveness but we want to increase his endurance and increase a little bit more his power. Obviously this our first training camp but so far from what I have seen he is a very good swimmer and a very good sprinter. I know this camp is short at 8 weeks but if everything goes well for the next camp we can do at least 13 weeks of training and we can do more power training and add weights. We would have more time to work on that and also increase his speed and have him peak at the right time.”

“Memo” Heredia is a former disc thrower, who has dark doping past. He confessed that he was giving illegal substances to his athletes, but after a huge scandal in 2002 began working strictly by the rules.

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