Celebrity MMA fighters announced in the UK

Scotty T and Stevie Bear are the latest duo to take part in a celebrity fight night and are preparing to face off at the UK’s first celebrity mixed martial arts event.

The reality stars are going to get their battle on in a full contact match as part of FAME MMA UK’s first event at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena on 14 December. They will be engaging in some intense combat after undergoing rigorous training, with fans purchasing tickets to watch the famously dangerous sport.

Other names on the yet to be announced bill competing at the end of the year will include TV stars, YouTubers, musicians and influencers.

‘So the news is finally out, me and @stevie_bear are going to be having a good old fashioned tear up on 14TH December at the Utilita arena in my hometown of Newcastle!!! ‘Which sexy f***er do you think is going to win!??’, Scotty T wrote on Instagram.

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