Douglas Lima says Rory McDonald trilogy is possible

Bellator welterweight champion Douglas Lima is without a doubt one of the best fighters that we have ever seen in the mixed martial arts welterweight division.

Lima’s biggest enemy inside the cage is another all-time great Rory McDonald. The Canadian and the Brazilian faced each other two times in the past with both guys having one victory over the other one.

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The 32-year-old Lima lost his title in his first bout against MacDonald at Bellator 192 in January 2018 but was able to reclaim the belt by beating ‘The Red King’ over five rounds at Bellator 232 in October 2019.

The two men were on the verge of fighting for the third time, but then the 30-year-old McDonald signed with the PFL scrapping those plans. Lima admitted that he was surprised to see his long time foe leave, but he believes the trilogy could still happen.

“I was really hoping that fight would happen again in the future you know a trilogy. It was a surprise. It really was a surprise that he moved to PFL but good for him. He’s looking out for himself. He’s probably got a great deal and he’s probably looking for the $1 million tournaments there as well. So you know, good for him. You never know with MMA, that’s why it might happen in the future who knows?”

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“I learned a lot from fights you know. Pretty much every fight that I’ve rematch, that I’ve lost, I’ve won. I knew it wasn’t going to be different. Once I fight somebody, I really get to know their style a lot more. It wasn’t as exciting as the first fight, but still a technical battle. I was really confident I was going to beat him in the rematch. He did a much better job of defending the low kicks in the second fight. So, it was good. I still got the victory unanimous decision. I was happy I got the rematch in the tournament final, it was a big night for me.”


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