UFC reveals COVID-19 safety protocol for UFC 249

UFC is getting ready to return to action this next weekend when UFC 249 is scheduled to take place in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9.

Dana White has been persistent in his desire to not stop the fighting business and he has received a lot of criticism from fans for attempting to put on a show when the world is being locked down because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

But White is adamant all of the proper safety precautions are in line to assure that everyone involved with the event will be taken care of.

Here’s the email UFC sent to all the fighters that are scheduled to take part in the upcoming UFC 249, as well as the other two events set to go down in Jacksonville on May 13 and May 16, an outline of what to expect when they arrive in “The Sunshine State.”

  • The UFC notified fighters only designated UFC staff members, on-card fighters, and their licensed cornermen will be allowed on site.
  • Upon arrival at the host hotel, the fighters and their cornermen must take part in mandatory medical screenings and a series of tests. This process will be repeated daily as long as the fighters and teams remain at the hotel. Further testing details will be provided in person upon arrival.
  • Teams will then be informed of the weigh-in procedure and given credentials that are required to be worn at all times on the hotel premises.
  • Each fighter will be provided with an individual workout room. Mats, mat sanitizer, and a personal sauna will be provided.
  • The host hotel’s housekeeping staff will be on the premises taking extra precautions to sanitize rooms and provide 24/7 room service.
  • The UFC Performance Institute will be providing nutritional and Trifecta culinary support for all of the athletes.
  • “Performance-related matters,” defined as injury or illness, can be treated by the onsite medical staff, but massages and flushes will not be.

Source: www.mmamania.com

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