Eddie Hearn: Fury won’t be happy with the money for a third fight with Wilder

By now we’re all aware that Deontay Wilder has exercised his contractual right for a third fight with Tyson Fury, but Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn isn’t exactly convinced the new WBC heavyweight champion will go through with it. Hearn intimates that due to the sales figures of the rematch and the way Wilder lost the fight, there won’t be nearly as much money in the pot for the trilogy which could cause Fury to balk at going through with the fight.

“There are bigger problems in this situation. If you’re Fury, you’ve put in the performance of your career and won the WBC heavyweight belt, because you want more money in a rematch. That probably won’t happen (Fury vs Wilder III) because there won’t be as much money generated so he’s not going to be happy.”

Hearn’s obvious angle here is to shine more light on his unified heavyweight titleholder Anthony Joshua, as he continually says their priority is to stage an undisputed title unification fight (which he’d like to do immediately). Perhaps there’s even more urgency now to put that blockbuster fight together because of how quickly and unexpectedly things went awry for Joshua last summer.

But from what we currently understand the language in the Wilder-Fury contract allowed for either fighter to unilaterally trigger the third fight, and if that’s in fact the case it doesn’t seem Fury could easily wiggle out of that. And considering how he’s fared in two fights with Wilder, I doubt he’d really even want to anyway.

Either way, Hearn continues to say his ongoing talks with Fury’s team have been progressing well to stage an undisputed unification at the end of the year, but that he’s also willing to strike a deal with Wilder’s team as well should he beat Fury next time out.

Source: badlefthook.com

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