Edgar Berlanga remains undefeated

Edgar Berlanga’s spectacular first-round KO record has finally come to an end.

It was his 17th pro fight where he couldn’t stop his opponent in the very first round of the fight. Still, Berlanga defeated Demond Nicholson via UD in a fight that took place in Florida, US.

The 23-year-old Berlanga was dominating the bout, but it was weird seeing his adversary standing on his feet when the bout was over.

Nicholson got knocked down a total of 4 times during the fight, but he managed to get up all 4 times. In the end, the judges scored it a 79-68, 79-69, 79-69 unanimous decision victory for “The Chosen One”.

“It’s kind of f—ed up that I had to go those rounds with the people here,” Berlanga said in his postfight interview on ESPN. “I know that they wanted a first-round knockout. But I enjoyed getting the experience.”

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