Ekaterinburg Grand Slam will take place despite the virus threats

Uopdated Information concerning the participants of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam, March 13-15, 2020.

Following yesterday’s annoucement, the International Judo Federation has recveived the following information concerning the participation in the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam:

Further to our communication regarding participation conditions in Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2020, I would like to inform you that the organizing committee has taken into account the fact that a significant number of participants are unable to obtain valid medical certificates.

Considering the importance of the event, the organizing committee is ready to allow the participation of those who do not have a medical certificate, under the condition of an in-depth medical check-up upon arrival and daily medical check-up.

I look forward to a successful Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2020 and I will be very happy to welcome you in Ekaterinburg soon.

Oleg Matytsin

Minister of Sport of Russia

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