Enfusion plans to return in September and October

One of Europe’s leading kickboxing promotions Enfusion will be returning to the big scene this September and October.

The top Dutch organization plans to hold a total of 8 events in the span of 30 days in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

The planned schedule consists of two Enfusion numbered events (which feature the promotion’s top fighters), as well as Enfusion Cage Edition (full Muay Thai rules and standing submissions, bouts in an MMA cage) and Enfusion Rookies and Talents shows.

All fight nights will be broadcast on the Enfusion Live website.

18 September: Enfusion Cage Edition (ECE) Rookies
19 September: Enfusion 97 and Enfusion Talents 79
25 September: ECE 3
26 September: Enfusion Rookies
02 October: ECE Rookies
03 October: Enfusion 98, Enfusion Talents 80
09 October: ECE 4
10 October: Enfusion Rookies

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