Controversial finishes in kickboxing (VIDEO)

GLORY hit the stream with a five-fight compilation, that features some of the most controversial finishes in kickboxing history. The video goes back to the heyday of original K-1, with the likes of Badr Hari and Jerome Le Banner, battling it out inside the squared circle.

The fifth spot belongs to the current GLORY welterweight champion Cedric Doumbe.

Number 4 is for Jerome Le Banner, 3 is reserved for Anissa Meksen and Jady Mendez. The silver goes to Badr Hari’s victory over Ruslan Karaev in 2006 and the number one spot belongs to Murthel Groenhart’s “punch from behind” in 2017, when Harut Grigorian turned away after being tagged by a jumping scissor knee.


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