Errol Spence targets Pacquiao fight in 2021

Unified welterweight champion Errol Spence is looking to add another belt to his collection.

“The Truth” wants to face the WBA champion next year, as he has stated this numerous times in the previous months.  However, in order for him to do that, the undefeated American will have to go through Danny Garcia. The pair will fight on December 5 in Texas.

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Spence Jr., 30, hasn’t fought since September 2019 when he defeated Shawn Porter in one of the better fight of last year. A potential fight will the Philipino legend will secure both Spence and Pacquiao a huge pay check, but Manny’s next opponent might as well be UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

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“After this fight, of course, I would like to fight Manny Pacquiao. He’s on his way out, so I’d love to have that fight,” Spence told SunSport.

“He’s a living legend, and I’ve never fought someone of that caliber. He’s big and not just a boxing star, he’s an icon, a mega-star.”

Spence, who is undefeated in 26 professional fights, also believes that headlining an event with the sport’s only eight-division world champion would make his stock jump through the roof.

“That would be different and it would send me somewhere else popularity-wise. Pacquiao has been in the sport 20-something years, he’s an icon even outside the sport. Everybody knows who Manny Pacquiao is,” he said.

Still, Spence aknowledged the fact that “Pac-Man” could very well choose McGregor instead of him.

“I don’t blame him, Manny Pacquiao earned that right to fight McGregor, Spence stated. “He’s earned his right to make his money and fight whoever he wants to fight because he fought whoever was lined up to fight him.”

“I’m not mad at it at all, if I was 40-something and was offered that kind of money to fight Conor McGregor, I’d take the fight too, I don’t blame him,” he added.

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