European champion Kristiyan Doichev: Bulgaria is getting better in kyokushin

Bulgaria’s own Kristiyan Doichev won the European kyokushin title in the 85 kg. division at he 2nd European kyokushin championship for men, women and veterans of KWU. Varna, Bulgaria was host of the championship and the young bulgarian managed to secure the gold medal for his country and make the home crowd roar. In the final bout he defeated Gnel Aramyan from Russia in a rematch between the two karatekas. In the first match at the 2016 European championships in Belgrade, Serbia Aramyan overwhelmed the bulgarian, but this time Doichev took the W in the extra time.

Here are his first words after the competition:

-Kristiyan, what was going through your mind when you heard Bulgaria’s anthem at the podium?

I made a dream of mine turn into reality. It’s my first European gold in the men’s division.

-Did you feel a boost from the cheerings of the crowd in the extra time?

-Most definetely. It helped me a lot.

-Did you find Aramyan very difficult as a opponent?

Yes, he was the one who defeated me at my first European championship, but now I took my revenge.

– What are your impressions from the 2nd European Kyokushin Championship in Varna?

-The hardest competition I’ve taken part in so far. The competitors here are of very high level and of course fighting on home soil puts more pressure on you.

– Do you think the level of kyokushin in Bulgaria is getting higher and higher?

-Yes, most definetely.

– How are you going to celebrate this victory?

With my team!

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