Brilliant start for Vladimir Dalakliev

Vladimir Dalakliev won his first fight at the Olympic taekwondo tournament for the Grand slam “The best of the best”, which takes place in China.

In his first bout Dalakliev defeated Vyacheslav Minin from Russia 12:1 and thus secured his place at the quarter-finals.

Tomorrow the bronze medalist from the World championship will face the 2-time Olympic medalist from South Korea Lee Dae-Hoon.

The Grand Slam is the tournament which gathers the world taekwondo elite in one place and the 16 best in each of the 8 categories (4 men and 4 women) face each other.

Vladimir Dalakliev was honoured to receive an invitation by the World Taekwondo Headquarters and if he manages to win the tournament he will win the major prize of $70 000.

Couple of days ago Dalakliev made history in the bulgarian taekwondo after winning the silver medal at the military championship in Rio de Janeiro.

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