FIAS Continues with Online Educational Webinars at African Continent

In May 2020, the FIAS Medical and Anti-Doping Commission created an online learning experience in order to continue its education objectives during the COVID-19 crisis. FIAS’s webinar series aiming to provide the athletes, coaches and their support personnel an overview of all aspects of the doping prevention, athlete’s safety and health protection.

“The clean sport should be strengthening and promoting even during a period when we are not able to engage in face-to-face learning activities during SAMBO events as well as FIAS’s will is to demonstrate its continued support for athletes and their support personnel in these difficult times. We must honor their rights and keep them connected to the sporting community despite the challenges of COVID-19,” – said Kamila Vokoun Hajkova, FIAS Anti-Doping Manager.

In July FIAS scheduled three webinars in collaboration with the African SAMBO Confederation. The first webinar was launched on 7 of July and we welcomed over 48 coaches, athletes, and representatives of National SAMBO Federations from the African continent.


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