UFC announces VENUM as new outfitting partner

The world-leading MMA organization UFC has announced yesterday the official partnership with VENUM.

The partnership between the two companies will materialize in 2021 when the current apparel deal with Reebok will end. Venum will take over the company’s official merchandise and the fighter’s clothing range in April 2021.

Unlike Reebok, Venum is a company that has focused mainly on combat sports and martial arts since its founding in France in 2006. Before the relationship between the UFC and Reebok, many fighters had Venum as a sponsor.

“Everything in life is about timing, and this Venum deal couldn’t come at a more perfect time,” UFC president Dana White told reporters Friday after UFC 251 weigh-ins in Abu Dhabi.

“This weird place we’re in right now, in the entire world, with sports and business and everything going on, these guys were the right people at the right time. It’s so weird how this stuff works out.

You see some of the monsters, without saying names, who are trying to pull back deals with sports leagues, this is what Venum does. This is the business Venum is in. I just think the timing on this thing couldn’t have been any better, they’re a great company, they’ve invested in this, and I love it.”

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