FIAS makes changes to the refereeing rules

A number of changes have been made to the FIAS Refereeing Rules, since the beginning of 2020. The discipline sambo is moving forward.


  1. Head of the mat concept
    In the edited Rules their functions are performed by the Deputy Chief Referee. Now the three referees include an arbiter and 2 side referees.
  2. Caution
    The edited Rules provide: 1st warning (doesn’t affect scoring), 2nd and 3rd warning – affects scoring, 4th warning – withdrawal from the bout.
  3. Protests
    No protests are provided for in the edited Rules.
  4. Voice commands
    The edited Rules provide only gestures.
  5. Round robin competition system
    The edited Rules provide only a system with distribution into groups, elimination, and repechage bouts.
  6. Classification of results and match scores
    The edited Rules provide for two types of the winner determination – a victory ahead of time (total victory) or a victory at the end of the bout time.
  7. Red line in the mat layout
    Now the markings include a yellow circle on the blue square of the mat cover.

Find out all the chages here.

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