FIAS will stage the Rosneft Online SAMBO Cup

SAMBO Federation will stage the Rosneft SAMBO Cup online! The competitions’ innovative format is intended to be both informative and entertaining, with the purpose of propagating the popular national martial art throughout the world, reports


In the course of these competitions, members of national SAMBO federations representing all continents will compete against each other for a cash prize. The tournament is going to be held in the format of an online quiz, in which the athletes will have to exhibit their knowledge of SAMBO techniques, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and, in some cases, their physical fitness, by performing a series of exercises.

According to the rules of the online competitions, as they make their moves in turn during a match, the participants will have to guess the name of a SAMBO technique concealed behind special blocks of the playing board. On the first day — at the preliminary stage — the participants of the round of 16 are determined. On the second day — in the final block — the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals are carried out.

“The Rosneft Cup” Online Tournament will be conducted in a series of stages: June 20-21 — on the European continent, June 27 — in Africa, July 4-5 — in Asia, July 11-12 — in the Americas. By the results of the continental tournaments, it is planned to stage super finals, in which the finalists of the continental stages will partake. These superfinals are scheduled for July 18.

The cash prize at the continental stages of the Rosneft Cup amounts to: 500 USD for the 1st place; 250 USD for the 2nd place, and 100 USD for the 3rd places (2 winners). In the finals of the Rosneft Cup, the amount of cash prizes will increase: 1000 USD for the 1st place; 750 USD for the 2nd place, and 300 USD for the 3rd places (2 winners).

Everyone interested will be able to watch the matches broadcast on the FIAS web resources, such as the official FIAS website, Facebook and the SAMBOFIAS Youtube channel.

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