Film on BJJ legend Fernando Terere in the works

Forget about ‘Red Belt’ or Nicholas Cages’ ‘Jiu Jitsu’ movie – there’s a new BJJ movie in the works that I’m sure many of the BJJ community will be interested to watch – ‘O Faixa Preta’. Rumours started circling of the film in 2019, but now it is actually in the works. ‘O Faixa Preta’ or ‘The Black Belt’ (translated from Portugese) will be a full length feature film directed by Caco Souza about the life and story of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt phenomenom Fernando ‘Terere’ Augustus. The film doesn’t yet have a release date, but is actively in the works – for updates on the film follow their Instagram @ofaixapretaofilme

Canadian Black belt Riccardo Ammendolia announced on his YouTube channel that he has had communications with the producers of the movie and gives us a first-hand insight into the new jiu jitsu film – ‘O Faixa Preta.’

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