Keith Thurman: Bob Arum is cheap

Keith Thurman must know he’s been out of the limelight for too long because he’s coming back by talking up a storm. During another part of Thurman’s live stream on Instagram, Thurman goes off on Top Rank promoter Bob Arum for offering far less than he would consider for a bout against Terence Crawford. Check out what Thurman had to say about Arum below…

“Fuck Bob Arum,” Thurman would ever-so-bluntly begin. “Why you talking shit, Bob? Keep your goddamn mouth shut, Bob. You want a cheap ass fight? I’ll punch you in your shit for free. How about that? That’s the only cheap ass shit you’re gonna get outta me. I’ll give you a free lick, boy.

“Look, man, I’ma snap on Bob real quick. Bob, you a piece of shit. You one of the worst fuckin’ promoters in the game. All of your great fighters left your ass. Oscar De La Hoya left your ass. Floyd Mayweather left your ass. Manny Pacquiao left your ass…Crawford, he about to leave your ass.

“Bob, you know what’s up. You know I never ask for anything. It ain’t my fault you can’t afford a great fight. You cheap as shit. You can barely pay your own fighters good money. That ain’t my fault. You got ESPN backing you, you got Terence Crawford, one of the most talented fighters in the welterweight division, and you can’t get him paid. You can’t make him famous enough.

“You got Max Kellerman sipping on all the Crawford juice — and I love Crawford too, he’s a great fighter since the amateurs, I love that boy. I love all my peers, ‘cause we the real ones. Bob, what did $2 million dollars buy you in your last fight? A bullshit ass fight. Come on now.

“I speak that realness. Thurman ain’t no punk. You don’t knock me into the ropes, watch me curl up like a dog, fight’s over. When was Thurman ever ‘fight over?’ Knocked down, body shot, fought with injuries, hurt hands, hurt elbows. Me and Shawn Porter was Showtime’s Fight of the Year. Me and Danny Garcia was a great fight — I fought him with bone spurs. Me and Pacquiao was a very exciting fight — I fought him almost one-handed.

“And now you mad ‘cause the PBC opponents, you can’t afford a PBC fighter. You can’t afford us, Bob. I’m sorry. You cheap. You want fuckin’ discounts. I know it’s COVID, I know it’s hard out here in the streets. We all feel it, we all know it. But you ain’t about to get me on no discount. You ain’t gonna pay no full price but you ain’t getting no discount.

“Look, Bob, stop talking shit. You’re a horrible fuckin’ promoter. You got all this talent and you can’t do shit with it. PBC, we make money together, baby. We do it all together…This is world class boxing, you can’t afford a world class fight? You got ESPN backing you? They don’t got no money, Bob? They don’t got no money?!

“Ain’t gonna be no fight. You can’t afford it. You offered Shawn Porter $1 million dollars. What’s $1 million dollars after taxes? 600,000. Man, get the fuck out our face, Bob!

“You can barely help Terence Crawford make any real money. He’s one of the best fighters you’ve had for years. YEARRRRSSS!! He can’t make no money. Look, man, I don’t need no $10 million dollars, but I need some respect. And the respect come in the check.

“It ain’t my fault that I’m an opponent and I’m worth more money than your champion, your undefeated welterweight champion. That ain’t my fault, that’s your fault, Bob. That’s your fault, Bob. That’s evidence of you doing a shitty ass job, Bob.”

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