Floyd claps back at Errol Spence Jr. (VIDEO)

Reigning IBF and WBC welterweight champion caused some serious social media stir by saying he could defeat Floyd Mayweather in his prime.

Surprisingly enough, the loudmouth of the former multiple weight world champion didn’t bash “The Truth” but praised him for believing in his abilities.

“Money” gave an exclusive interview to FightHype, stating that he’s happy that young fighters are believing in themselves.

Some of the comments that Mayweather made in the interview could be construed as sly digs at certain fighters, especially when he talked about how he never drank during his career.

In the same interview, Mayweather pointed out that he never used drugs, alcohol, and that he didn’t smoke. He added that fighters can’t just live boxing during training camp.

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“I’m proud of him, he’s supposed to believe in his skills, he’s supposed to believe in his talent. I want all these fighters to believe if they were facing Floyd Mayweather they would win.”

“You can’t just live boxing for eight weeks in training camp,” said Mayweather to Fighthype in what appears to be him taking a shot at Spence. “This is a lifestyle that you’ve got to live your whole career.

“I was discipline fall around the board as a fighter. No drugs, no smoking, and NO drinking. I lived a clean life and I worked extremely hard to be the best.

“And I respect the guys from the past. I take my hat off for the guys that paved the way for me to be where I’m at because I didn’t start boxing, but I mastered it. You got a lot of fighters that come along, but can they articulate like Floyd Mayweather?”

Source: www.boxingnews24.com

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